Additional information


System capabilities


Ticket System was developed for a quick and intuitive sale of tickets for every ticket event, show, exhibition or concert.


Ticket sale can take place at the ticket office, through the Internet and also through a distribution network. The accounting and administrative modules enable rapid settlement and management of events and sales. There is no limit as far as the size and amount of halls which the system can operate(!!), and thanks to the modular design it can be adapted to every ticket event as the system meets various requirements.

Below you can get familiar with the details of our System.

The main assumptions of the System:





  • quick addition and activation of events

  • dynamic management of a number of tickets available

    clarified order management

  • constant overview of the sales status



Ticket office


  • simple sales service

  • advanced reservation management

  • rapid/fast reporting

  • cash register status

  • several ways to print tickets





  • access to events provided by the system owner

  • access to the number of tickets indicated by the owner

  • sale by/with the use of a cash register module

  • Internet sales

  • ticket printing

  • reports and settlement with the system owner



  • easy for the purchasers
  • fast payment
  • inability to block the number of tickets
  • complete data and the ability to communicate with purchasers
  • newsletter
  • possibility of integration with other retailer systems and existing web sites (CMS) of the System owner
  • cooperation with the CMS Joomla system
  • multiple languages service

Ticket collector

  • module easy to use
  • fast and full information about the ticket and purchaser


  • dynamic information exchange with other systems using the xml files

Joomla Component

  • dynamic information exchange with the most popular CMS Joomla System