Additional information


Characteristics of the System


Ticket System has been created to handle the sale of tickets to various events of different ticket types and different types of halls.

Specification of the main features and capabilities of the system:


  • the purchase of the ticket consists of only 3 steps + internet payment
  • the sale of a ticket in a ticket office consists of only 2 steps
  • configuration of an event in the system (in a medium-sized hall) takes about 10 minutes
  • functions to copy events or price schemes, minimize the necessity of repeating any action
  • payment with the use of fast payment trasfer minimize the risk of blocking seats, which means that information about the current sale is accurate.

Modular structure

The system includes modules defining events, pricing schemes, sales and billing modules, cash register module and ticket seller module. Each module consists of several sub-modules that can be implemented separately, so that the system can be adjusted to the specific needs of users. This means that it can handle small halls for several people (coffee shops, small theaters), as well as large rooms, halls, stadiums, museums and exhibitions.
High flexibility - system configured according to the needs
The modular structure also allows you to periodically expand the exsisting system upon additional modules in case a specific functionality is needed.

Low cost of infrastructure

Operation of the system which is based on web solutions causes that it is not necessary to have a server infrastructure in order to operate it. The system is an expanded web site, so maintenance costs come down only to maintain the server and its administration. More and more reliable Internet connections and its speed, together with low hosting fees cause that such a solution seems to be quite optimal.
It is possible to implement the system on existing servers of a system owner, or to instal  such servers by our company. This solution makes you 100% independent as far as the problems with the Internet connection are concerned, however, it includes costs associated with managing and maintaining your own servers and server rooms. In addition, such a solution, assuming that the sale of tickets is online, requires a more extensive Internet connection (symmetric links, with an equal to the speed of downloaded and sent data), which today is sometimes more expensive than a standard connection.


Basing the system on the mechanisms of the web browser, locating all of the data in a secure datebase on reliable servers and automatic archiving of data made periodically cause that the data in the system is completely safe. In case of a failure, a rapid restoration of the system to its state before the failure is possible.


The fact that the entire system operation is via a web browser causes that there are no limits to the possibilities of its use on any computer, PDA or mobile phone. Easy navigation, large buttons and simple logic of the system allow you to work anywhere and on any device.

Quick help in emergency

The location of the majority of data and mechanisms on the servers causes that the response time in emergency situations in minimal. There is no need to commute, 99% of IT operations are made by the computer scientists remotely. Thanks to this, users and administrators have full control over the system and the data stored in.

Data security

All connections with the System, as long as they are made using external links, can be done by secure connection (https).