Additional information


System modules

VisualTicket ticket system is built modularly, so that the system can be configured precisely according to user’s needs and each module can optionally be switched on or switched off.


The modules of the system:



  • module to add and update events
  • pricing scheme module, fixing prices and availability for specific locations or groups
  • dynamic discounts module
  • user management module

Ticket office

  • ticket sales module
  • module of reporting and ticket sales at the ticket offices
  • booking module
  • module of a cash register status
  • printing financing documents and ticket office reports

Internet Sales

  • module of online sales directly from the website
  • on-line sales reporting module
  • possibility of on-line payments thanks to the integration with the major systems that operate these types of transactions

Distributor Sales

  • distributor sales module in any place equipped with a computer and Internet access
  • module of sales reporting by distributors

Internet website

  • advanced integration with the website
  • dynamic information about the events
  • calendar of events
  • possibility to publish only the selected events
  • integration with Joomla CMS!
  • cooperation with retailer platforms
  • internet payment


  • invoicing module
  • module - the base of contractors
  • on-line reporting module
  • module of reporting sales by distributors


  • long-term planning of events
  • various possibility of modifying of modification
  • possibility of automatic activation and deactivation of sales in a given time

Ticket collector

  • ticket control directly before the event


  • dynamic exchange of information with other systems